While everyone is talking about learning new skills everyday. Have you ever thought about unlearning ? Unlearning the fear, the bad experiences, the useless hatred, envy, all bad aspects that you’ve subconsciously learned in all those years of growing in this world. I think unlearning is important if you really want to learn and grow….


Once a wise man told me this- “It’s not about creating THE successful life but about creating YOUR successful life.”

We know

We all know how to lead a perfect life , don’t we? Yet, we struggle. Why? Inaction causes Pain. Stop thinking, Start doing.

Are you suffering from decision fatigue?

I heard this word for the first time today – Decision Fatigue . Yeah it describes a situation when your quality of decisions becomes poor due to making too many decisions. It is mental fatigue just like physical fatigue after a long session of training. Have to make too many decisions is unproductive. Rather what…

How to be fearless ?

Today I saw a mindful excercise to make yourself immune from this world’s judgements and opinions and really be the best version of yourself . It’s simple – just learn to forgive. Forgive those past years where you were doing that you didn’t like. Forgive yourself for doing something you are embarrassed of. Forgive others…


Free your secrets and become who you are.

Stop doing these 3 things

1. Overthinking / Negative thinking 2. Self criticism 3. Blaming others / complaining My friend gave me a challenge : Try not to complain for anything for 21 days and work for your goal. I invite you all to do it and let’s see how it changes our life. Comments are welcome.😊

Diwali 😊😋

Good thoughts Good thoughts And only good thoughts Let us burn the negativity and let the positivity shine .