What to do when feeling dejected?
Pack yourself in a room , away from the world.
Don’t talk to anyone.
Yell at your own life .
Blame others for your sufferings.

What rubbish!
Those ideas , no don’t call them ideas ,they are weapons of weak willed persons. It merely shows how hollow you are .
It will make your life gloomy ,monotonous and you will someday start hating your own life. It’s  just because you can not overcome the stress of downfall .


Wouldn’t it be good if you
Share with your love ones instead of pushing them away from your life (stubborn attitude : I know , I will do it myself, you need not to worry, go away.)
Start again and this time with the experience you got with the defeat.
Empty yourself and get ready to fill the space with new experience , life offer.
(above two lines are ironical , right)
Open the windows , let the sunlight come in ,don’t  fear that it may burn you.

Suppose your exam is going on and you know only two answers out of ten.
What will you do after returning to home
1.prepare for the next ;what if it was your last…
2.look for the correct answers.
Life is same , many people come to know what they should have known after a quake had  destroyed everything.
You can mend your mistakes only if you are willing to do and that also if time allows. If mending is not done at right time it can never be corrected.


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