Understand yourself


Not everyone is a born genius. Not everyone have exceptional qualities since birth. If it were so world would have never known what is hard work nor were there great people known. I am not saying that those who are born with certain talents don’t work hard .
But they are different in fact everyone in this earth is different . Only similarity is that they have to survive tests of time . Those who are average , ordinary , with no spectacular talents have also changed the world . I can’t give examples , sorry for that . It is hard work, determination to achieve which can beat the born genius too.
Power lies in our mind . Control it , world is on your palm. If you can’t world will be on your head . A ………kg load ( I don’t know the weight of the earth). It’s actually pressure of even small things which subdue you if you don’t manage and work according to what your capacity is and not what standard is set by others . Never feel bad for what you can not do ’cause there’s something you can do what others can’t . It is that something which is lost forever if you don’t realize it on time.

Everyone has heard “no pain no gain” but I ask what is being referred to as pain there . If you are doing what you like for your aim there’s no pain , its all for your own benefit , so why “pain”. Its hard work. Can’t you bear that tear to wear success ? Are you so weak that you get swayed by petty pleasures and forget you real goal. Long term benefit or short lived pleasures . Choose one.

Consider if there were no competitions, no fights ,
no rise, no fall,
everyone learning
what others possess
without a single
thought to beat
others . Is that a wise
thought? will it hinder
Is it mere selfishness?

Sorry, you are no more.

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