Should I be doing this ??

All limits broken.
Gone too far.
Come back , my soul pleading.
Return to your frame.
Are you enjoying what you are doing .
No. Comes a voice .
That is my soul’s voice.
Missing you.
What I was , what I am , what I could be .

Have you ever been in that situation when you question yourself – “should I be doing this ? ”
“Am I like this?”

You need not to be restricted to one thing , change is necessary and inevitable so don’t feel shackled to your own created “particular type” identity , don’t be afraid to show the world something new they have never seen , many might look at you with disgust thinking oh! he wasn’t like this . Be bold and courageous. Take risks .


Go break all the limits
Don’t come back
Go fly high
My soul is demanding
All what that happened has made me who I am
No regrets about what I could have been
My frame has shifted
It’s my frame now
I am enjoying it
Am I ?
Yes ,that’s my soul’s voice
Yes I am .

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  1. I have been in that situation where I thought why am I doing this and should I continue it.. I always believe that one should always move ahead rather than getting stuck to one thing.. One who moves ahead is always ready for change which brings forth betterment… Nice post 👍👍 I must say..

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