Where has my life hidden ?

I am just following a routine not even thinking about myself , what I want , just I am doing everything as a duty , with no idea of where it is taking me. Is that the way I wanted to follow ? , is that the aim I am chasing ? Scrap aim , I don’t even know what I am made for and speaking of aim , goals sounds irrelevant .

Day starts , night comes , done what was to be done , what I was directed to do . It may seem nice to others but to me not at all . Those routine are made by others , I am following , they get pleased but not me . Even dreams don’t exist in that life . Ah…

Many times we are in that situation , where we are doing everything as a duty but we ourselves aren’t enjoying it . What’s the need to be like that ? Why can’t we break free from our obligatory lifestyle and start doing things we like and enjoy . Think of that situation when we all will be doing things we like .
What a great day it would be ! We will be always free .

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