A year later…


And again came the winds
brought her memories
those sweet eyes ,
adorable smile ,
carefree like a bird in a sky;


those eyes met
a smile blossoms on her face
he was still,
captivated by her charming aura ;
he couldnt speak , he was still , frozen in time and space
like an ice – cold ;
a fire ignited both the hearts

the light was seen by both ,
the heat was felt by both ,
still the ice didn’t melt;


one soul kept trying to dissolve herself into the  other
the other- stilll stiff ,
still no fire;
the fire was suppressed at last ;
the two souls met the last time
a smile on her face,
same like the the time they first saw each other ,
the other couldnt face the loving bird ,
for he was weak , weak to accept the love .


Bird flew away ,
a year later ,
he is sleepless
her memories still prick him
A year later ,
where is she , in this vast infinite sky ?
Has he lost her ?


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