Sunsets make me sad. 

Just a thought came when I was trying to sleep yesterday night , what if I have to live my whole life like this , then I realised I want to change . 

I’m not a big fan of sunsets , although they are beautiful but it makes me sad and nostalgic . Just a weird thought . It arouses in me the feeling of being alone and a darkness sprangs in my heart , I hope my heart is red haha.. 

Well, how can one change if he/she doesn’t let that static picture to change ?I’m so used to this life that I don’t even bother to think , do I even like the way I’m living . It tough to reprogram our systems , even tougher if we aren’t the developer of our systems , I don’t know who is the controller , do people know that their lives is been controlled by themselves or not ? If not , who is that that person that  doesn’t let the sun to set and picture to change? 

Oh ! I got techy by using program developer stuffs ha… ( I try to sound cute by saying ha..) ha..  . That’s because I’m  busy with Android programming these days . I’m loving it.Sometimes , I keep staring my laptop , my mind being completely blank , and other times ideas keep on bombarding my mind . Change.

I was going through the posts that I wrote here (not many ha..) , I sounds so sad and upset in most of them , I seriously need to change . 

So a funny post is coming up soon that will not read by anyone ha….I hope I’ll write it. Hope and change  go together I think so . But just hoping to change will never work .You got to work for that .And hope your hard work and dedication will bear fruits to change you and your life and then I’ll enjoy the sunsets without being sad ha …

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  1. Anshu says:

    Change is necessary for living ha….

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  2. anshisaxena says:

    I advise you to read my poem the tree that prevailed a hope..u express ur feelings nicely😊

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    1. Amandeep says:

      Thanks again!


  3. sunsets are the proof that endinģs r beautiful too

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  4. multitudeofmythoughts says:

    Keep writing your heart out.You will feel better.

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