Why are people unhappy ?


This is our life ,we ourselves are the driver of our life. Then why we unknowingly choose to travel on such path we would have never wished to .
That’s mainly because some of us or many of us lack the will to lead the life on our own terms and conditions. Family and society force us to do what is acceptable in their eyes. In due course , we forget what we wanted to do and keep going on . That kind of “fake life” make us worse .

But how long a person can keep up with it? Someday or another we will certainly start feeling depressed and rejected . We become so much engulfed with our “fake life” that we completely forget to hear our heart’s voice. Doing a work in which our heart don’t lie will certainly bring unhappiness .

We should not forget that everyone is given an opportunity to follow their heart . We must listen to it and elate our life . Decisions taken subdued by external pressure can never blossom our life , darkness will surround us; if only we have enough courage to turn and relive our dream we can remove the dark and morose clouds of unhappiness.



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  1. hati03nisa says:

    Agree dear

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  2. May be this is why some people start feeling empty at some point of thier life. Because they ignored thier inner voice and followed only the rat race.

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  3. anshisaxena says:

    Agreed, it’s actually the log Kya kahenge problem

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  4. kaafi shi baat hai yaar

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    1. Amandeep says:

      Yes it is the truth

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