What to do when we feel dejected?

Just pack oneself in a room or maybe run away from the world.

Or even better ,
Don’t talk to anyone and cry alone .

Or maybe I’m not responsible for my sufferings , blame others for your sufferings.

Or maybe just my life is like this . Keep yelling at your life.

Will these change anything ?


Those are rubbish ideas and won’t help in any way . Only weak willed persons do such things . It merely shows how hollow one is .It is only going to add more misery to our life making it more miserable and gloomy and self hatred will eventually kill us . There won’t be a day that will pass without cursing our own life .

Just because a setback happened that doesn’t mean we are destined to live like that suffering everyday and not fighting back .

Wouldn’t it be great if we could
share with our family and friends instead of pushing them away from our life .

(stubborn attitude : I know , I will do it myself, you need not to worry, go away.)

Start again and this time with the experience you got with the defeat.

Empty yourself and get ready to fill the space with new experiences life offer.
Open the windows , let the sunlight come in ,don’t fear that it may burn you, don’t fear of the dust that wind will bring . Just move on. Keep moving .

You can mend your mistakes only if you are willing to . It is never late to correct our mistakes and take the correct path. It’s simple don’t look back but never forget your mistakes.


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