Traits you must master!

There are 9 traits that make a person a true human –

1. Love :

Love yourself and others creatures . Have sympathy for other’s suffering and truly love to serve people .

2. Joy :

Be cheerful , optimistic and positive . Don’t trap yourself in negative thoughts.

3. Peace :

Don’t be anxious , worried , confused . Be at peace !

4. Endurance/Patience :

Do what you live without caring how much time it takes . Patience is the key ! Something takes time and you must learn that fact . Learn to bear injuries , setbacks but don’t be bogged down by them.

5. Gentleness :

Be thoughtful, polite, gracious, considerate . Forgive others , don’t be bitter because someone was harsh with you.

6. Goodness :

Be unselfish , a giver . Bring joy to someone else’s life .

7. Faith :

Replace fear , doubt and anxiety with faith .

8. Meekness :

Don’t be proud , egotistical and self-centred . Be humble , mild , serve others .

9. Self-Control :

Control any kind of emotional outbursts like anger ,fear ,rage and jealousy . Be consistent , well-ordered and dependable .

I recently read a book “Why you Act the way you do” by LaHaye, Tim . These traits were mentioned in that book. I really liked it so I thought to share with you . I hope you liked it .

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