Three things you should know about yourself

Three things you need to immediately know about yourself –

1. Your personality type.

This will help you to understand your behaviour and not feel ashamed from it as it is being normal.

2. What drives you?

What do you value the most? Whether it is status, or money or something else. Sort it out so that you don’t feel confused before selecting job for yourself. You will perform better if you know that you would get what you value the most.

3. What motivates you?

Is it people’s appreciation or tokens or having a talk with your closer one? You need to know this. You don’t have to waste energy at something that will not boost your mood.

It will be even more wonderful if you can read other people as it will reduce the conflicts between you two and will help to make a long lasting relationships.

And while defining yourself, you don’t have be fixed, be flexible, you can change according to situations and roles. Flexibility is a great trait.

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  1. I love the list. I have always tried to answer the first question but not the other two. 👍

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    1. Amandeep says:

      Try it today !


      1. Yeah I would thanks.

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