Defuse the time bomb

How do you deal with someone who is angry with you? Do you just ignore them? If you don’t address them, then you might be triggering the time bomb.

Yes. Unaddressed anger or resentment is like a time bomb. It may burst anytime in future.

Confronting is good. Don’t ignore. Let the person calm and then talk. Understand and remove any miscommunications. Active listening and empathy can do wonders. Let him talk. It will help you to know the underlying reason for his anger. It may not be what you think. Don’t make any assumptions just let the person talk. Don’t let them feel threatened or become defensive. You need to understand it’s not about you. You need to think about him not about yourself.

At last you don’t want a life long enemy. Be calm and rational. If you deal anger with anger, it’s like a head-on collision with a bull. So be calm and let him talk.

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  1. Written well, yes we need to listen more and diffuse their anger, what should we do if they get unreasonably angry for every small reason? 🤔

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    1. Amandeep says:

      Well, true cause of anger may not be what is being shown.

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