What’s your story?

If you ever got a chance to write your auto biography , what will be it’s title?

Think about it. Do you like that title?

Do you like your story? Is it happy or sad? Is it a life long struggle story or happy summer story? Is it love story or hatred? Is it full of contempt for life or hope? Is everything a miracle in your story or nothing is a miracle? Is it a story where you conquer your fear and become successful? Or is it a failure story?

Will it inspire others?

You still got chance to write your own new story. What are you waiting for?

Do you know your constraints? What’s restricting you?

Don’t fall into the world’s trap. If you have bought enough meal that you can’t finish it completely, will you over eat just because you have paid for it ?

If you said NO. Then well done. If you said YES, ….

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