How to be fearless ?

Today I saw a mindful excercise to make yourself immune from this world’s judgements and opinions and really be the best version of yourself .

It’s simple – just learn to forgive.

Forgive those past years where you were doing that you didn’t like.

Forgive yourself for doing something you are embarrassed of.

Forgive others who did something that hurt you.

Forgive that person too who did the worst thing anyone could do to you.

It is hard but it surely helps.

Try empathy. Try to think they hurt you because they were hurt. As said “Hurt people, Hurt people”.

Empathy is the highest form of knowledge.

Practicing empathy and forgiveness makes us fearless. Isn’t all we fear is public rejections and fear of judgements?

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  1. amittras says:

    Surely relatable, especially with the “hurt people, hurt people” part

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