60 lessons learnt from life till now


1. Don’t hesitate to talk with anyone.
2. Don’t hesitate to do what you like and what you want.
3. Don’t be afraid of the unknowns.
4. Be normal.
5. Don’t lie.
6. It’s ok to be not like others.
7. It’s ok to not like someone and stay away from that someone.
8. Fake friends don’t remain in life for long.
9. Not everyone is bad and not everyone is good.
10. Don’t neglect your health.
11. Don’t overwork for something. Everything must remain in limit.
12. Don’t waste money.
13. Read real books not from laptop/tablet.
14. You’re a human. You are not expected to know everything.
15. You can make mistakes.
16. Make solid connection with someone.
17. Don’t compare yourself. You’re okay.
18. Teachers are humans too.
19. It’s useless to overthink. Just do it.
20. It’s ok if you don’t enjoy parties. Not all are extremely social.
21. You don’t need to impress everyone.
22. You should know to say NO.
23. Don’t be hyper competitive. You’ve a life. Life it.
24. You’re not the best. You don’t have to be the best.
25. Don’t follow others blindly.
26. Everyone have problems.
27. Your family is important. Pick the phone call.
28. Your parents love you.
29. You’ve long life to live. Anything bad or good won’t be forever.
30. Your past need not decide your future.
31. Respond at the moment. Don’t regret later. Repressed anger is not good.
32. People have choices. Respect them.
33. Yes you can do easy things.
34. Don’t break relationship for trivial reasons.
35. Don’t hangout with internet. Hangout with real people in real world.
36. Don’t run after fascinations. Be grounded to reality.
37. You’re not the special one. You are just another normal person.
38. Don’t be jealous.
39. Don’t be sad because of other’s success.
40. You’ve a life. Live it.
41. Your life is not restricted to one thing only.
42. Don’t let others to use you.
43. Respect yourself.
44. Don’t punish yourself of guilt.
45. Nothing bad will happen. You’ll be alive.
46. Don’t ignore people who likes you.
47. You don’t want to be alone. Don’t pretend you’re ok being alone.
48. Don’t cling to bad thoughts.
49. Relax.
50. You’re not perfect. You don’t have to be perfect.
51. People are not emotionless.
52. Don’t hurt people.
53. Take responsibility.
54. It’s all end. Be happy.
55. Don’t make others feel bad of themselves.
56. Don’t be passive agressive.
57. Don’t be rude.
58. Laugh.
59. Enjoy.
60. Live.

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