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Would you do what you want to do but not so good in it or do what you’re already good in but don’t like it that much?

Pygmalion effect

Have you ever noticed that when you expect more you get more? Our expectations drive our actions. If we believe that something will surely happen we align our behaviour to make it happen. That’s a psychological effect called Pygmalion effect or self fulfilling prophecy. Blaise Pascal, French philosopher and mathematician, said, “Treat a human being…


Finally, I’m a graduate now. Yay… Whether I will miss my college I don’t know…. I’m excited about life outside college and things to learn. So many things. I am always curious to learn new stuffs that I almost get confused what I want to do in life. There’s no one path that I can…


Eventually, the clouds will go away. Be strong enough to face the rain and winds. Before the sky becomes clear again.             

Clean your relationships

We all clean our home, our laptop and mobile storage space, our car, bikes and a long list of things the we all clean on a regular basis. Have you ever seen what’s the status of your life’s relationships? Are they clean and fresh? Umm… Not sure? Try asking if a relationship excites you ,…